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[ issue 1 ]


importance of kids hearing guitars

sensefields touring with the years sexiest most thoughtful rock albums in hopes that it will get picked up by a label.

[click here for a sneak peak]


chris hall: the pope of gillman street

this guy doesn't fuck around. 50+ and more into hardcore than a 17 year old with "VEGAN" tattooed on his forehead



what we are doing here.


soul surfing

d.i.y resort? no, not a contridiction but a reality. lotus surf lodge is run by cool people like me and YOU.


coping with tragedy

why was a life sentence handed down to an eleven year old kid in michigan?


naked ray

what is true self realization? a heart to heart talk with shelter's ray cappo.

[ issue 2 ]

we gots lots more coming your way!


tommy guerrero

tommy talks music, gleaming the cube, croquet and finding the ANIMAL CHIN!!!


noam chomsky


tantric sex

and what it can do for you




UNIX punks

The growing underground subculture of free operational software users


steve hawley's codebreaker




and much more...