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...are we there yet?!

I don't know if I'll get to that point where I'm at peace with myself most of the time while I'm here on Earth, but for some reason I'm bent on the idea of moving towards this goal. I don't want any part of doing things for myself if that entails hurting someone else, yet sometimes I think that's just part of the deal and I get all depressed. If you haven't already guessed I'm no guru, but like someone once said, "AT Least I'm fucking trying". No, I haven't arrived at the place of total peace with myself and the world around me, but my friends and I have learned some important lessons along the path to a better life. It is our duty to provide YOU, our new friends, with what we've found, as well as learn from what you've discovered through your own journey. ActionmAn Magazine is a worldwide family whose home base is in Milwaukee, WI., USA. Our distribution is the heaviest in Milwaukee, Chicago, and the distance between, yet we have a thousand of our zines distributed nation-wide as well.

-Check out our unique two-fold mission-

1.) The Milwaukee Mission

To be Milwaukee Wisconsin's premiere music magazine, introducing our home town to superior music and culture and showcasing worthy Milwaukee acts to the nation.

2.) The National Mission

To be the first national music publication whose focus is both music and spirituality. This works out nicely for us. We're small but not meek, poor but not powerless. We can expect our publication to grow simply because of the law of Karma: action =reaction (i.e. market research + right action =market rewards, I help you = You want to help me) Getting the Nectar: I want to get intimate with all of you. That is, I want to know what troubles you, what sounds you like to hear, and all the nasty things you've done in the past. I want a hard copy and a soft copy of all the details, particularly the “how”, as in how you came to a certain realization. What kind of realizations have you had after traveling somewhere, dating someone, reading something? Do tell. Note: deep thoughts compassion articulation = a printed piece for you! Do it.

[ Issue 1 (out now!) ]

Ray Cappo, Sensefield, Chris Hall - Gilman Street's hardcore kingpin, "Truth" in sentencing Fiction + travel + truth + more!!!

[ Issue 2 (out 6-16-00) ]

Noam Chomsky, Sri, Tantric Sex and what it can do for you, Unix Punks: The growing underground subculture of free operational software users, Steve Hawley's Codebreaker, Ween