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that's right... bring it on!

We at ACTIONMAN have been toying around with the idea that a magazine should be an interactive media experience; a publication created in part by as many who see fit to contribute. Each issue, we'd like to feature various contributors, and that's not limited to just text submissions. We want to hear from everyone and are willing to consider almost anything. So hey you, send us some of your work.

"But... submit WHAT?!"

Ahhh, here's the cool part. We're trying to push the boundaries of magazine content and format.First of all, we would be more than happy to have a revolving staff in terms of assistant editors, contributing writers, photographers, artists, designers, fontographers etc. Send us anything, be it artwork, photography, designs, fonts, letters, fiction, non fiction, political commentary, poetry, prose, travel/tour journals, spiritual insights, book reviews, record reviews, you name it.

YOU THE MAN. Get it?




As I mentioned, we would very much like to feature designers as well. If you are a graphic designer, feel free to send us some samples of your work or fonts. If we like it, we may ask you to create a spread design for us and in turn give you credit and exposure in doing so. This way we can have an ever-evolving visual presentation too. We always like to see new and innovative work!

Although we are not in a position to compensate for such items with $$$ at this juncture, ample credit will surely be provided. Also, if you send your work and give us permission to use it, you are also giving us the right to use it at our discretion. We may edit, crop, tweak, distort or mame it... But if we use it we'll credit you for it. Besides, if we liked it enough to put it in the magazine, you can trust us to use it tastefully. So why not contribute? Make a difference. Help to change and metamorphisize a publication into what YOU want it to be.


send material to:

actionman magazine

re: submissions

1019 s. 60th st. milwaukee, wi 53214

or email samples to: